Make the Move Easy With Professional Car Transportation Services New York to California

Moving is always stressful and complicated, but there is a service available that could simplify one aspect of the move. There is an easier way to get the car(s) from Point A to Point B. Hiring someone to drive the car to the new location does not always work out well. The car arrives dirty and possibly with a mechanical problem. If the car breaks down on the way, costs escalate (hotel bill, food and repair costs). Having a family member make the drive can be disruptive to the move, even if they have no mechanical problems or accidents. People often choose to sell their vehicle before making a long move, but selling under pressure seldom brings the best price. Replacing the vehicle at the new location can often cost more than anticipated. In other cases, the car may be a classic or simply a car the owner wants to keep.

Hiring a transportation service to move the car is easy to do and replaces an unknown and changeable cost with a fixed price. The car arrives safely and in the same condition as it was when loaded onto the car carrier. The actual mechanics of shipping the car are not complicated. Before the car is loaded, it will be inspected and any damage will be noted on the inspection report. The vehicle is normally fully insured with no deductible. Generally, the insured amount is $100,000 but it may differ so the shipper should check on the details. The carriers are only allowed to travel 500 miles per day, so a 2,000 mile move will take at least 4 days. The actual delivery location may add to the time.

Car Transportation Services will provide a list of shipping requirements. Generally, the vehicle will need to be clean and operable; certain equipment should be removed (such as cd players that are not built-in or garage door openers). A set of keys will need to be provided.

is an auto shipping company that provides high quality transport at a low cost. They pride themselves on their excellent customer service, whether the vehicle belongs to a dealership or corporation or to an individual moving to a new location. They have more than 5,000 independent truck drivers throughout the US. Send the car safely with car transportation services in New York, Florida and throughout the US.

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