Reasons Calling a Plumber in San Diego is Best when Dealing with a Clogged Drain

Any time you are having trouble with a clogged drain in your home it can become a difficult situation. When water is not draining correctly, you may be facing several problems. The plumbing may have problems which need to be corrected. If you do not have these issues handled promptly, the backup can become more extensive and damage can be done to your home and belongings. Because of these issues, it is generally best to contact a Plumber in San Diego as quickly as possible.

When a plumber first begins work on a clogged drain, he or she will generally try to determine the cause of the problem. Often they will do this by sending a special camera into the pipes so they can see what type of clog they are dealing with. Many times, the problem can be due to something too large being sent down the pipes or a collection of food or other matter creating a larger clog which is blocking the pipes.

In these types of situations, a Plumber in San Diego will often use a plumbing snake or auger to correct the problem. This device has a head with a large hook. It is attached to a long cord or cable that can be fed into the pipe. Once the clog is reached, the head of the unit will be turned so the hook digs into the clog and begins breaking it apart. If the clog is the result of tree roots growing through the pipes, a special type of head with rotating blades will be used instead. These blades can cut through the tree roots and eliminate the problem.

In some cases, there may also be a buildup of matter coating the inside of the pipes. Food waste, hair, grease and other particles can be causing this condition. When this is present, clogs form much easier. To help eliminate this issue, the plumber may suggest cleaning the pipes out with a high-pressure water machine.

Dealing with a clogged drain is never fun. To help you in dealing with this type of situation, you should contact the professionals at Workright Plumbing. They will know how to fix the problem quickly and efficiently.

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