Hire A Viable Wills And Trusts Attorney In Jenison, MI

If a person dies without a will in the state of Michigan, state law dictates the general line of descent will determine which party receives the assets through default methods of inheritance. These laws vary between states but, in Michigan, the inheritance would generally fall to the person’s legal spouse and children. If there isn’t a legal spouse or children present at the time of death, the inheritance will likely be distributed among other relatives.

The state law often reflects how they believe a person would want their assets to be divided following their death. However, these are all assertions created by the court based on little evidence. The most standard piece of evidence regarding the distribution of assets following a person’s death is a standard will. Without a will, the state legislature can divide up a person’s assets without following the deceased person’s actual wishes and personal preferences.

It’s a great idea for people to establish a will before their death so they can have peace of mind involving their assets and what will happen after their death. To begin creating a will, a person should contact a wills and tust attorney in Jenison MI, or the surrounding areas. An attorney can help the client by determining the overall value of their assets, and the attorney can help the client create built-in protections in their will to keep the family feeling slightly more harmonious after the death. Other concerns to address with an attorney might be any lingering debts that could exist at the end of one’s life. There are a variety of personal decisions to make the state will not address without a copy of a formal will.

There are several attorneys in the region who specialize in wills, but it’s important to hire an attorney with dedication to their clients and a detail-oriented mindset. One attorney, Martin L. Rogalski, P.C. is a Wills and Trusts Attorney in Jenison MI, who has been servicing clients for over thirty years. To learn more about Rogalski’s services and expertise involving wills, visit his website and learn about his credentials as a practicing lawyer.

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