Protect your Home’s Structure with Waterproofing in Pittsburgh, PA

by | Sep 25, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

Water damage, can be one of the worst things for any home. There are places in the US that get a lot of rain, which can be good and bad. Rain is good for the soil and the plants and it makes everything look healthier. The only bad thing about constant rain is that it can begin to soak into the soil around your home, and sometimes it can affect your foundation. If the foundation shifts, the whole structure of your home can be in danger. Call a company that does Waterproofing in Pittsburgh, PA, and they will make sure your home is completely waterproof.

There are warning signs that show up when water is getting in and any homeowner should be aware of them. If you have cracks in your basement walls or in the foundation itself, then water could be causing damage. Leaks in any part of the house are bad, but especially in the walls or around the windows. When water is getting in, it can cause mold, it can cause cracking and it can cause the whole foundation to shift. There are special engineering companies that can do foundation repairs, but you need to call them before there is any serious damage.

If you have a basement and there are cracks in the walls, then an engineering repair company can fill the cracks and they also can use a reinforcing process. They can actually install a 4 inch carbon plate, with structural epoxy. The epoxy can’t be stretched and it is made to resist the pressure outside, so it will stabilize the basement walls. The main reason why people like this reinforcing process is because they don’t have to break into the concrete, so it is fast and clean. It also can help to reinforce bowing walls, and it secures the cracking.

Excess water can really cause havoc on any home if it starts to seep into the walls or if it gets under the foundation. When you have water coming in where it doesn’t belong, then you should call an engineering specialist that does Waterproofing in Pittsburgh, PA. They can do waterproofing before there is damage, or they can repair damage that has occurred over time. Make sure that the structure of your home is strong and secure with the help of a professional Waterproofing company.

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