Need Quick Cash? Sell Gold in Los Angeles

Many people are still having a hard time in this economy. Workers often can’t find full-time jobs with benefits, so when an illness hits they have to pay all of the costs including expensive prescription drugs. Retirees are facing inflated food and energy costs and are having a hard time paying for them with their pension and social security payments. They have started selling off some of their assets to put money in their pockets. Often the first place they start is their jewelry box.

When people decide to Sell Gold in Los Angeles, they should first learn what the markets are paying for an ounce of gold. This is number is reported in newspapers and on a variety of websites. That gives them some idea of what their jewelry is worth. They style or quality of the design usually doesn’t matter when a person decides to sell their gold jewelry. It’s the price of gold that day and the weight of the object.

It’s definitely worth the time for the gold seller Los Angeles to call several different shops. While the news reports one price, the truth is that each jewelry store or pawn shop that buys gold will determine a slightly different price. They will usually pay below the price quoted because that’s what they expect to get when they sell to a scrap metal yard. Each store owner has their own feeling about future price of gold. If they feel it will increase, they’ll offer sellers more money. They may even decide to hold the gold that they buy for a longer time period to let it increase in value. However, if they think the price of gold is going to start dropping, they will pay much less. They will also sell it much more quickly.

Gold sellers are often embarrassed about having to sell their jewelry or gold watch. Therefore they also want to be assured that their transaction will be private and confidential. They can call ahead and ask if there is a private area or room where a staff person appraises jewelry and pays the gold seller. Personal security is also a reason to conduct the transaction in private. The seller could be leaving with a great deal of cash.


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