Protect Your Ability To Get Your Benefits By Hiring A Disability Lawyer In Aurora

If you are suffering from a debilitating illness or have been so badly injured that you can’t work, you are entitled to receive Social Security Insurance (SSDI) benefits. The challenge is that statistics shows that many if not most of the claims filed are denied and must be appealed. The appeal process has three levels and each one is more complex than the one before it. Your chances of winning your appeal are greatly improved if you have a social security lawyer Aurora firm working on your side.

It is wise to hire your disability lawyer Aurora the same day that you file your clam on the SSA (Social Security Administration) website. That way, if your claim is denied, your disability lawyer Aurora can be ready to get your appeal filed within the 60 days allowed by the SSA. If your appeal isn’t filed within the deadline, you will not be allowed to file an appeal at all.

The most often stated reason for a claim to be denied is insufficient medical proof of your disability. This means that you and your disability lawyer Aurora will need to gather all of your medical records on your treatment and get a statement from your doctor that tells just how much you are suffering from your disability. Your lawyer may suggest that you get a second medical opinion from a more cooperative doctor. Any other evidence of how limited your mobility is and how much pain your are suffering from independent persons is also a good idea.

If your claim is still denied, you will make another appeal and will go before an administrative law judge for a face-to-face hearing. This is the only opportunity you will have to have an in-person meeting and disability lawyer Aurora may go with you as your advocate. Your disability lawyer Aurora will know how to prepare you for this meeting. They will advise on the kinds of things you will be asked and how to best answer those questions. They can also prepare you on what to say when making your final statement.

Your disability lawyer Aurora doesn’t get paid unless you win your case, so they will always be very motivated to apply all of their knowledge and experience to help you win your case. You will find the help that your lawyer brings to you will make the appeals process less stressful .

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