Professional Drug Testing Coos Bay OR for Accurate Results

A high percentage of employers use staffing agencies when they need new employees. They provide a valuable service to employers and they save them a lot of time by screening and thoroughly checking out potential employees to ensure their clients receive the most qualified candidates for a job. Staffing agencies are also highly useful for employers who need a staffing agency that also provides Drug testing Coos Bay OR. Implementing a mandatory drug testing program as a requirement to gain employment helps employers provide a safe environment for their employees, maintain productivity, deter drug use, and could potentially encourage rehabilitation. Atlas Edge Staffing Services offers a variety of drug screening options for employers and they are an accredited substance abuse screening facility.

For in-house drug testing Coos Bay OR, employers can send their clients to their facility for testing. They administer rapid screen instant tests for immediate results, and clients can schedule an appointment, or visit their facility during their normal business hours without an appointment. Employers also have the option to use their on-site mobile drug testing service. They are fully equipped with a mobile unit to manage drug testing as efficiently as their in-house services, and their screening service includes, breath alcohol tests, rapid screen instant urine tests and Department of Transportation collections. For their mobile alcohol testing unit, they use the AlcoSensor IV, which is a qualified screening device for the Department of Transportation that adheres to all guidelines and gives accurate results.

Atlas Edge Staffing Services also offers hair follicle Drug testing Coos Bay OR. Clients can come to the facility for hair follicle testing at their laboratory, or they can come to the facility for hair follicle testing to be sent to their laboratory. SAMHSA laboratory certification is the highest quality testing service available. Some employers require an accredited SAMHSA laboratory for testing and Atlas can provide this service as well.

Employers who need to enroll in a Department of Transportation drug screen consortium can also rely on Atlas to set them up for this service. There are no annual costs and the paperwork employers must complete is minimal. Employers only pay a fee if their employee is selected for testing, and Atlas will keep each employers files up to date as their drivers change. Atlas Edge Staffing Services provides pre-employment, court ordered, independent and random testing for clients. For more information on their services, visit their website.

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