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HR risk management solution

If you run a healthcare business and need HR risk management solution options, Innovative Employee Solutions (IES) is here to help.

IES believes that taking the time and utilizing the skill to ensure clients are getting exactly what they need. The company also extends this same courtesy to their staff. IES strives to provide a work/life balance for staff members, which makes for more productive employees. Innovative Employee Solutions is also committed to maintaining a workplace that is safe and professionally stimulating. Creating an office culture where all team members are valued and encouraged to be their best personally and professionally. IES has been voted one of the Best Places to Work in San Diego for more than a decade in a row.

In addition to ensuring that IES is a great place for people to work, the company is also proud to foster a number of employee volunteer efforts. Each year, IES provides staff members with unlimited paid time off that is company-sponsored so that staff members can volunteer at one or more of the seven nonprofit organizations IES has partnered with. IES staff members spend an average of 450 work hours volunteering at these organizations per year; the employees also maintain a collective objective for more than 350 volunteer hours for their personal initiatives and causes. IES has been recognized three times by its natural industry association for stellar achievement in social responsibility.

IES also determines the best ways to set employees and clients up for payment as well. Whether IES is working with a 1099 contractor or a W-2 employee, Innovative Employee Solutions makes sure payment is seamless from the start of employment to avoid IRS penalties. Since employee misclassification can be a huge issue for employees, IES works to ensure that these mistakes are eliminated, since they can cause companies a considerable amount of money. IES offers the Agent or Record program called Innovative IC, which ensures that all new contractors are classified in a timely and accurate fashion to ensure clients are compliant.

IES implements a stringent vetting process and helps clients to significantly reduce their workload. Since IES prides itself on efficiency and precision, the company will safeguard client information to prevent errors.

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