Points to Consider When Seeking Oriental Rug Restoration Westchester County NY Services

by | Dec 14, 2012 | Rugs

You probably have heard about the amazing service whereby professionals can repair a rug that seemed written off. However, you may not have heard all the details about how this Oriental rug restoration is carried out. When you learn the details, you will understand what a complex exercise it is and you will give credit where it is due. Next time your rug is damaged, you need to have confidence in the professionals’ ability to restore it back.

The ancient cultural art form of making oriental rugs would be incomplete if it were impossible to repair them as well. These rugs have been in use for centuries and the weaving skills have been diluted with time. Therefore, if you find weavers who still have that impeccable skill, you should count yourself lucky. Fortunately, such weavers still exist today and you can seek their Oriental rug restoration Westchester County NY services.

Moth infestation as well as water and fire damages are some of the issues that might prompt you to seek Oriental rug restoration services. You must not let catastrophes, such as flooding, hurricanes, and fire to get you down. If your rug is visible and usable in some sections, you should not consider it finished. As long as 30% of it remains, it can be restored. This is amazing, considering that the professional weavers will have to weave using the same color and thread to have the rug restored. The design and weave must also match with the original ones.

Before the Oriental rug restoration Westchester County NY is carried out, the stains in the rug are eliminated by cleaning it thoroughly. An Oriental rug restoration service involves reweaving, gathering of wool, master constructing, and application of natural dyes, removing of dead piles, shearing excess pile, and applying finishing touches. You should be unable to detect the restoration of your rug no matter the damage.

Normally, the cleaning and repair is done by hand. Sometimes, this takes a long time if the rug is very large. The professionals will first make an appraisal before they can be sure how long it would take. After the appraisal, the Oriental rug restoration Westchester County NY professionals will also give you an estimate of how much it would cost to have the work completed.

Compressed air is used to remove the soil and dust. The cleaners may also use a shampoo to wash the carpet. Some reputable Oriental rug restoration companies never use chemical that might damage the wool and colors. Instead, they use secret ingredients that have been used by the family since the inception of the company. This is especially the case when it comes to removal of stains caused by your pet’s feces or urine.

When you are looking for professionals to carry out oriental rug restoration , you can start by visiting The Golden Horn in Westchester County NY.

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