Benefits of Custom Floor Cloths

Various floor coverings are available on the market. You can locate almost any design you want ranging from contemporary to traditional, with numerous fibers and textures available. Whether you want organic or synthetic, the manufacture of high-quality floor coverings in a wide range of materials is possible through the right manufacturer. Custom floor cloths are one unique floor covering option that can truly enhance your interior décor. At Ariel Grace Design, we offer custom-designed, beautifully crafted, custom floor cloths.

Popularity of Custom Floorcloths

These rugs were common during the Early American era and have recently risen in popularity. Today, many artisans make floorcloths using various methods and materials. Designs of all sorts are employed including traditional floorcloth patterns, whimsical modern designs and all manner of designs in between. There is no limit but imagination on the designs used.

The canvas is sealed on each side to produce a stain and water-resistant rug that should resist wear very well. Custom floorcloths can be works of art that are also highly functional in the home or even a business space.

Custom Floorcloth Benefits

Properly made floorcloths are easy-to-clean, very durable, and hypoallergenic. You can have your floorcloths customized to fit perfectly in your home or commercial space. They provide excellent protection for floors and are not ruined by spills. As such, they are ideal for kitchens, hallways, dining rooms, and entryways. The practicality and beauty of these floor coverings can enhance any space.

Our Custom Floorcloths

Ariel Grace Design is your trusted source for custom-designed, beautifully made floorcloths. We have nearly two decades of experience making floorcloths and employ the best quality materials and time-tested methods to ensure that our floorcloths are both works of art and incredibly durable. Our floorcloths are canvas-based rugs made by hand and customizable by style, shape, size, and palette. We work with you to create the perfect floor cloth for your home or office space. The collections we offer include many beautiful examples of custom floor cloths. If you see a floor cloth on our website you want to modify or have any ideas for new colors, patterns, or palettes, please let us know. Our team is here to work with you to achieve the custom floorcloth you want for your space.

To learn about the custom floor cloth options, we offer at Ariel Grace Design, call us today at 503.206.2631 or leave us an email at

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