Pest Control In NYC Is Necessary To Keep A Home Or Business Disease and Pest-Free

With the close living and working areas in the city, it is very important to keep pests and rodents away from a home or business. Bedbugs are becoming a larger problem and require intensive treatment to eliminate. Rodents can quickly multiply, and their droppings can cause serious diseases in humans and unhealthy environments.

A restaurant or a hotel cannot have rodents destroying their food and affecting food preparation for customers. Utilizing Pest Control in NYC will keep homeowners, business owners, and customer safe and comfortable in the city.

Eco-Friendly Options

A pest control service can offer many eco-friendly options. These products can be sprays, powders, dust, baits, and aerosols. Eco-friendly pest control can be applied indoors or outdoors in commercial and residential properties. When an owner has concerns about pesticides, they should ask for eco-friendly options.

Technicians will be trained to apply the eco-friendly products for a variety of pests. Mice, bed bug, or insect exterminator will provide long-lasting and effective solutions to meet any situation.


Termites are another insect that can destroy a building without proper intervention by a pest control service. There are over 4,000 species of termites and can spread very quickly. Termites can produce 1,000 eggs a day and travel through cracks, mud tubes and spaces around a building. Termites love to eat wood and can cause thousands of dollars’ worth of damage to a structure in a short amount of time.


Some rodents will leave signs they are in the area when they leave their droppings or chew holes in various items in a home. A company that provides Pest Control in NYC will perform a thorough inspection of the basement and home to determine if there is a rodent issue. Mice only need a one-half inch of space to get into a home or business. Nesting sites will need to be removed and the rodents eliminated for a healthier environment.

The type of infestation in a building will determine what the treatment will need to be to eliminate them. Metro Pest has the experience ofa home or business owner needs to eradicate rodents, pests, and other wildlife that have invaded their building.

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