Pain Is Never An Option With A Bone Doctor In Panama City FL

For those who suffer from pain, each day can be more excruciating than the last one. Both spinal injuries and various forms of arthritis make simple everyday tasks almost impossible. While taking care of oneself is very important, there are times when seeing a qualified and board certified orthopedic Bone Doctor is the only way to find relief. Panhandle Orthopedics uses both surgical and non-surgical methods to treat a wide variety of spinal, joint and muscular conditions. The full extent of their care and the advanced methods they offer their patients is described in detail on their website located online at

When you see a Bone Doctor in Panama City FL for the first time, you will want to give the doctor’s office a full list of any drugs you are currently taking. The administration of both prescription and over the counter painkillers need to be addressed. If you were prescribed an anti-inflammatory drug at any time, this should be brought to the staff’s attention as well. As part of your full medical history, also list any prior surgeries you may have had.

A physical examination with the Bone Doctor in Panama City FL will follow. If the doctor determines that x-rays need to be taken, a set of digital x-rays will be ordered. Depending upon your condition, an MSK Ultrasound may also be completed to let the doctor properly diagnosis your true condition. This lets the doctor put together a more comprehensive approach to pan management for you as an individual.

While there are surgical procedures that may be suggested, there are also non-surgical methods that can be approached first. Make your personal needs known before any surgery is scheduled. Patients often find that working with a physical therapist is another way to address certain medical issues without having a surgical procedure.

Should you need a prescription drug that the doctor believes will bring you relief, these orthopedic offices feature their own in-house pharmacy. This not only saves time, but let’s the doctor have greater control over what is being given to patients for take-home care. It is just another aspect of their focus on providing full service to all of their patients.

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