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by | Aug 17, 2010 | Communications

Outbound call centers are company outlets to increase sales. These call centers call up customers to let them know about the services offered by the company. Their main motive is to sell these services. They are also known as telemarketing services as they promote the product through telephone.

How do Outbound Call Centers Work?

Outbound call centers work by calling up prospective clients from a database. These databases are purchased from relevant sources. For example, if a company sells credit cards then the database is purchased from banks or other related websites. This not only benefits the credit card company, but also the bank. This database contains the name and numbers of potential customers. Poaching is also one way to obtain data. Poaching lets you collect data by personally contacting other relevant sources.

As the data contains only potential customers, there are very few chances of fake and disturbing calls. The only condition is that the database should be taken from relevant sources.

Types of Outbound Call Centers


The two main types of outbound call centers are:

Business to Business: This type of call center caters to other business organisations. These are the most effective services that lead to sales. For instance, a company that sells computer hardware will call up computer hardware dealerships and computer engineers. Businesses are always on the outlook for easier ways to improve their business using relevant resources. B2B call centers hence generate definite profit.

Business to Consumers: Here, the product is sold directly to the customer. Potential customers are called up and convinced by the sales representatives to buy their product. These types of call centers require skilled representatives as they need to convince customers.

Outbound call centers are one of the best tools for direct marketing. These call centers help in increasing the sales and profits for the company.

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