3 Reasons To Ditch Your Landlines For VoIP Business Phone Systems In Overland Park KS

by | May 20, 2019 | Communications

Sometimes in business it is very difficult to make changes, especially when you are upgrading a traditional piece of equipment for a much more advanced type of technology. A good example of this is getting rid of your old landlines and moving to VoIP business phone systems in Overland Park KS.

However, when it comes to this type of upgrade, there are really no downsides to consider. By turning from a traditional landline that can basically handle faxes and phone calls you can convert your phone system into an integrate system that can literally save you time and money.

VoIP business phone systems in Overland Park KS use Voice over Internet Protocol, and literally remove the phone company out of the equation. Your phone calls, both incoming and outgoing, are converted to the same data system that your computer uses to connect with the internet. This allows you to have access to your phone, your web browser, fax, social media sites and anything else on the system all from any location.

Never Away from the Office

When you are using VoIP business phone systems in Overland Park KS each user can be assigned a unique phone number, which is not the same as having a number assigned to each landline.

With a traditional phone system you have to deal with call forwarding or rely on another person to forward the call to the alternate number, but only if you remember to set that up. With VoIP business phone systems in Overland Park KS anywhere you go, as long as you have internet connection, your calls will come directly to you though internet access.


Using old style telephone systems to conference meant having voice access only. With installation of VoIP business phone systems in Overland Park KS you can literally see, hear and even look at each other all through the VoIP system. It is just like a separate virtual meeting program without the need to deal with third party programs.

In addition, when you use VoIP business phone systems in Overland Park KS you will find that the quality of calls is outstanding. With internet providers offering 3G and 4G systems the internet sound quality is often superior to traditional phone lines, which is an important consideration for all businesses.

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