Options for Filling Noticeable and Embarrassing Gaps Caused by Missing Teeth

Adult teeth are not made to last forever. As they lose calcium, iron, and protein, they many times will suffer damages like cracks, holes, and chips. Your teeth can even fall out as you get older.

When you lose teeth, you are left with noticeable and often embarrassing gaps in your mouth. You lose your confidence to speak to people. You also have difficulties eating your favorite foods.

Rather than live with gaps caused by missing teeth, you can undergo dental treatments designed to eliminate them. By getting implants or a dental bridge in Evanston, you can fill in spaces where you are missing teeth and regain the normal function and appearance of your mouth.

Learning More

Before you get implants or a dental bridge in Evanston, you want to find out more about the procedure. You need to find out how long it takes to get the bridge put in place. You also want to learn if you will have to undergo sedation during the procedure.

Your dentist will provide you with all of these details prior to you undergoing it. You will be required to sign an authorization to treat form to give your permission to your dentist.

Preparing for Treatment

Once you agree to undergo the procedure, you will then be told how to prepare for it. You will be asked to avoid eating or drinking anything prior to your appointment. This precaution ensures you do not get sick to your stomach while in the dental chair.

Your dentist may also sedate you to keep you calm during the treatment. The bridge may cause tenderness or soreness in your mouth for a few days afterward.

You can find out more about dental bridges and other cosmetic dental treatments online. Contact Stephens Dentistry for more information today.

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