Mouse v. Myth: What Works And What Doesn’t

With voracious appetites and a shocking ability to reproduce rapidly, mice are one of the most common and detrimental pests to a home. Capable of squeezing through any hole smaller than their skull, these pesky critters will overrun your property before you’ve even realized they’ve taken up residence. Due to this invasive nature, it’s little surprise that a plethora of DIY remedies have cropped up over the years; while some are more effective than others, it is curious all the same to consider the most popular among them:

Peppermint Oil

As delicious as this essential oil may be to humans, mice can hardly stand its minty aroma. Mix it with water and spray near suspected entry points, or place a few drops on cotton balls and leave them in your cabinets and pantry. For the truly committed DIYer, try planting mint around your property!

Steel Wool

Ravenous and known to chew through house and home, there are very few materials that can effectively stop the spread of mice and other rodents. Search your property for entry and exit points, filling them with steel wool or scouring pads (both of which are too abrasive for those tiny teeth) until you are able to fix the holes more permanently.

Natural Predators

A no-brainer, many people choose to get a cat to control their rodent problem. Of course, this means taking care of the cat after the fact. For those not so committed (and lucky enough to live in a rural area), barn owls absolutely adore these snack-sized rodents, and can be easily attracted with nest boxes mounted off the ground.

Ultrasonic Devices

At best a temporary solution and at worst completely ineffective (at least at the calibre sold commercially), ultrasonic repellents purport to emit deterring sounds at frequencies inaudible to the human ear. While some homeowners appreciate the humane aspect of this method, little to no research currently supports or encourages its application.

And there you have it, the most popular methods to rid your property of rodents! Of course, out of sight is out of mind …. and we at Dynamic Pest Control look forward to solving your problem once and for all once it finds its way back into your home.

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