Options Available for Posting Bail Oklahoma City

If you are ever arrested for a crime, then posting Bail Oklahoma City will provide you with a temporary release from jail. After the actual arrest, you will be taken to jail in order to be processed, and may stay in jail throughout the period before your court appearances and trial. For many, this can be a period of months, or even years. This is why posting your bail is such an important process. It will allow you to stay free and concentrate on building a strong defense.

There are a number of different ways you can post bail, which are highlighted here.

Cash Bail

This is not an option that is used very often, even though it provides some advantages for the individual posting the Bail Oklahoma City. Once the judge reviews the details of the arrest and then sets the bail amount, the person can pay in cash and be released from jail. If the defendant shows up for court dates, then they can often have the bail money returned when the criminal case is over. There are some jurisdictions that only offer the option if the defendant is found not guilty.

Surety Bond

If you are unable to pay the entire amount of bail and are unable to find family or friends that will pay the amount for you, then you can use the services of a bail bond company in order to help you get out of jail. The company will pay the bail if the defendant does not appear in court. If the individual does not show up for their court appearances, then the individual that got the bail bond will be responsible for paying the entire amount.

Property Bond

While this option is not seen very often, there are situations when a defendant can put up property for their bail. If the defendant fails to show up for a particular scheduled court appearance, then the court will have the ability to seize the property in order to sell it and then pay the full bail amount.

If you, or someone you know, is arrested and needs to get out, understanding the options available can help you make the right decision. Be careful about who you post bail for, since them missing a court date can result in you losing money or even your property. The information here will help you determine which option is best for you.

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