Office Moving Companies – Things You Should Know Before Hiring in Jackson

by | Aug 12, 2015 | Moving

When moving your office to a new location, it is important to hire a reputed provider among the many available moving companies. Jackson has some reputable options from which to choose. Here are some tips to help you pick the right moving company for your business move:

* Word of mouth is often the best way to find a reliable company. Ask your peers which office moving company they used and about their experience.

* Make sure the company is a member of the Commercial Relocation Network, which is the largest membership organization of office and industrial relocation companies in the U.S.

* It is better to hire among office moving companies that are certified by the International Office Moving Institute or IOMI. This can ensure that your office will be packed, loaded and delivered with minimum disruption and downtime.

* Choose a company that can provide a pre-move consultation and free estimate. An experienced company will help you plan the move so as to minimize downtime. The company should provide a complete plan of action including how much time it will take for the move, how many moving company men will be involved, what support equipment will be used, etc.

* It is better to hire a company that has full-time and well-trained employees.

* It is convenient and less confusing if the same crew handles all aspects of moving from start to finish.

* Make sure the company provides protection for new and old offices. Protection should cover floors, carpets, doors, elevators, computers and office furniture.

* Consider hourly rates vs. net cost. Don’t just go for the moving company with the lowest hourly rates. Moving can take much longer than estimated and as a result you can end up paying more than what you would have paid for a more well-known professional company.

* Find out if the company has provisions for storing office furniture, electronics, documents, etc.

* Find out if the movers can take care of your unwanted items.

* Find out if the company provides shredding services for your unwanted sensitive documents.

* Ask the company for the certificate of insurance, which shows your company as the added insured party on the mover’s corporate insurance policy.

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