Find the Right Boat Trailer Dolly Set for Your Boatyard

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Sometimes, small and simple tools are the most necessary. In the boating industry, this is certainly the case when it comes to dollies. Moving a boat – even across a short distance – can be risky, particularly if you don’t have the right equipment. To relocate boats of varying sizes, boat trailer dolly sets are built to be tough. If you need boat dollies for your storage facility or shop, knowledgeable manufacturers can help you select the best, most affordable solutions. s

Built to Last
Well-made dollies can easily sustain years of repeated use in the boating industry. Tough, rugged dollies are made from metals, such as steel. They’re comprised of two adjoining vertical bars, which are connected by a vertical metal bar. Secured to the tops of the two vertical bars are pads. These pads are designed to hold boats in place without scratching or damaging their surfaces. Dollies are also supported by wheels – allowing professionals to transport boats to and fro with ease. Experienced manufacturers can build boat trailer dolly sets to accommodate virtually any size boat.

Move Any Size Boat
Dollies come in a variety of sizes and strengths, which makes it easy to choose a set that matches your boat’s specs. Pontoon, heavy-duty, power, and titan dollies are some examples of models you can purchase through a manufacturer. Each model holds boats that fit into certain weight brackets. For example, you can’t use just two heavy-duty dollies to transport a boat heavier than 7,200 lbs. Or, if you’re planning to transport a boat heavier than 10,000 lbs., you’ll probably need a titan set.

Much-Needed Accessory
In the boating industry, dollies are must-haves. They’re easy to use and give industry professionals the ability to transport boats safely across short distances. Whether you manage a marina, boatyard, sales shop or boat restoration shop, you’re sure to find boat dollies convenient, long-lasting tools. If you routinely relocate boats, either for storage or show, boat dollies offer a time-saving, simplistic transportation solution. Simply place one dolly at the fore of the boat, and the other at the aft. Professionals can help you select the right dollies for the types of boat you’re planning to move.

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