Need Tube Bending Services? Know What to Look for in a Professional Metalworker

by | Nov 5, 2014 | Business

Metalworkers will collaborate with customers in all kinds of industries but no matter what industry, tube bending services are always high in demand. This metal forming process involves permanently bending tubes and pipes. Rotary draw bending and press bending are two of the most popular form bound bending procedures, and in order to form complex shapes, specialist equipment must be used. Spend your money wisely by putting your trust in a professional with the following qualities.

Essential Skills
Manufacturing plants, precision electronic assembly and construction are just three of many industries that hire metalworkers for tube bending. Computer-automated equipment will be used to ensure accuracy, therefore the person you hire should be able to read drawings properly to meet precise specifications. The cuts and bends will need to be calculated by the metalworker, who will be required to do a lot of heavy lifting. Knowledge of CNC programming is desirable for someone in this industry, as is knowledge of computer numerical control equipment.

Job Duties
The sheet metal fabricators you hire will bend and cut various sheets of metal, such as aluminium, copper and steel. Programmed computerised equipment is normally relied on for tube bending services, because this equipment can be programmed to each customer’s individual needs. Information about bend angles, measurements and materials can be found on the blueprints, which is why it is so important for the metalworker to be able to read blueprints properly. For most tube and pipe bending jobs, heating equipment and torches will be used to manipulate the metal into shape. To keep the metal in place once it has been bent, the professional must have the ability to join pieces with hardware, welds and rivets.

Qualifications and Education
You don’t have to ask for a full education background from the professional you work with, but do take the time to learn about his or her qualifications for pipe bending. By doing this, you can find out whether or not the metalworker is skilled enough to read design plans and perform the task. A reliable worker will have attended some kind of apprenticeship program as a way of getting their foot in the door of their chosen trade. He or she should be aware of the latest technology, and while there are no set qualifications for this job, concentration levels should be high.

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