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by | Oct 6, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

Most people get into elevators every day and never think twice about it. They are in hotels, shopping malls, apartment buildings, office buildings, libraries, museums, hospitals and the list goes on and on. Some people even have them in their homes. You get in, push the button for the floor you need, the door shuts and you move up or down, whatever the case may be. You not only expect them to work properly, but if you have thought about it for a second, you really want them to work properly. And they do work properly most of the time. That is not be accident, that is probably by virtue of routine, professional elevator maintenance. Elevator Services in Washington DC provides maintenance of cabs, equipment, doors, and shafts to many of the buildings in and around the DC area. Maintenance contracts ensure that elevators are running efficiently with fewer costly repairs and little downtime all over the district.

Elevator Technologies Inc. of Washington DC provides full elevator service, installation and maintenance for residential and commercial customers at competitive pricing and affordable rates. Free estimates are available for repairs and new system installations. Comprehensive repair service includes work on hydraulic and traction elevator systems in the areas of overheating, slow response time, high energy use and any other problem that arises. 24/7, 365 days a year emergency repairs are available to keep your business moving. New elevator installations and elevator modernization are professionally completed effectively and promptly so your construction project stays on schedule.

Elevator Services in Washington DC has worked with several government agencies and departments, military branches, hotels, condominium buildings. churches, schools, universities, science facilities, penthouses, and private family homes. Their work is backed by a one year warranty and can be found throughout the metro area including parts of Virginia and Maryland. Call them for a consultation and they can help you decide on the elevator system you need whether it is high energy efficiency you are looking for, or heavy-duty freight elevators for your business or elevators to consistently handle high traffic. You can expect your elevators to work when you have professional installation, service and maintenance.

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