How a Personal Injury Lawyer in Villa Rica, GA Builds a Case

For anyone who feels he or she has been injured due to the negligence or intentional actions of another, there is the option of filing a personal injury suit. Since the law has very definite ideas about what constitutes a personal injury, it pays to hire a lawyer who can handle the case. Here are some facts about how a Personal Injury Lawyer in Villa Rica GA, goes about preparing to represent the interests of a client in this type of matter.

Collecting the Facts

Before anything can be done, the Personal Injury Lawyer in Villa Rica GA, will want to learn all there is to know about the situation. This will start with interviewing the client. During that interview, the lawyer will listen to everything the client has to say, and will usually ask questions to help clarify the basics facts. Assuming the client has any documentation to back up the information, the lawyer will also want to look those documents over very carefully. From there, the lawyer will seek to talk with others who may have information that has a bearing on the case. This can include coworkers, neighbours, or others who are aware of the series of events that took place.

Exploring Different Options

Typically, the lawyer will first seek to secure a settlement for the client. The idea is to prevent the need to go to court and deal with what could be a long and exhausting trial. This may involve meeting with the defendant in the case and the legal counsel representing that person. In the best case scenario, the two parties can come to an equitable agreement and the legal documents surrounding the settlement can be drafted and signed. If the other party is not open to the idea of settling out of court, the lawyer will prepare all the necessary documents and file them with the court. That will pave the way for a trial and, hopefully, to a successful resolution for the client.

For anyone who believes that grounds exist for a personal injury suit, it pays to Contact Daniel M. Barnes and Associates and arrange a consultation. It will only take a little while to determine if the case has merit and if reaching a settlement is possible. If not, the firm will do whatever is necessary to make sure the client has a fair hearing in a court of law.

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