Memorial Services and Funerals in San Diego, CA Help Grieving Families and Friends Say Goodbye

Everyone must accept that, eventually, each person dies, and the age or time of death cannot be predicted. Memorial services and Funerals in San Diego CA then are held to say farewell to the loved one. Funeral directors guide families through options for practical decisions that must be made at the end of life.

Direct cremation can be arranged with an organization like West Coast Cremation & Burial Services if the family wants to reduce possible expenses associated with the after-death proceedings. The family usually chooses an urn for the ashes whether they plan to keep the urn at one’s home or scatter the ashes later.

Different Viewpoints on Life and Death

Some people wish for a utopia in which everyone lives completely healthy lives until an extremely old age, such as 130 years, and that nobody passes away before then. Others appreciate the idea that new birth continually replaces elderly people, understanding that birth rates would have to be seriously restricted in the first scenario. There are people who hope to stay on Earth for a good long time but also look forward to going to Heaven or another positive kind of afterlife.

Memorial Services

Memorial services and Funerals in San Diego CA can have a religious or a secular tone or a mix of both. Memorial services are more casual, without a casket and display of the deceased person. There may be an urn with cremated remains surrounded by flowers of the kinds the person particularly liked. The family may choose to have a photo montage or slideshow somewhere in the room or in a lobby. Unless someone’s religion specifies certain traditions be upheld, families are free to create the service that best fits their preferences.

A Celebration of the Person’s Life

Although these gatherings are times of mourning, families and friends also may want to view the service as a celebration of the person’s life. This can be tough when people are grieving, but it also can be emotionally healthy. This is especially true when they believe the loved one has gone on to a happier place and is glad to be there.

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