Hayward Funeral Homes Offer Affordable Cremation

The average cost of a typical funeral service can be more than $6,000. Social security does help pay for the services, but only provides $255 to help cover funeral expenses. There are other more affordable options available that people can look into for laying their loved ones to rest. These options include things such as inexpensive cremation.

Affordable Cremation in Hayward does not mean that the life of the deceased cannot still be celebrated. The cremation process takes two to three hours to complete, and the ashes are presented to the family in a sealed bag. To honor the one they lost, families may elect to keep the ashes in an urn.

Once families have chosen a container for the remains, they are going to want to plan funeral services for their deceased relative. Cremation or not, families do have the option of a visitation, a memorial service, and a burial service. Some people choose to have a small intimate ceremony before the cremation takes place. This gives everyone a chance to see the deceased before the process. Other families prefer to have the service once the cremation is over.

If the family chooses to bury the ashes, they may do so at a special monument. This special monument is usually at the cemetery, and one that can be called a family plot. When a member passes away, they are laid with the rest of their family. If there is no family plot or grave available, there are other options. Affordable Cremation in Hayward does not mean that a person cannot have a proper burial. Grave markers are available even to those who have been cremated. Urn vaults are also an option. Mausoleums that can house the urn are also possible options for those who are looking for a place in the cemetery to put their loved one’s ashes.

With the rising costs of funerals, those who have lost loved ones are now looking into the benefits of cremation. The time frame for cremation is only a few hours at the most, and the remains are always treated with respect by those who run the crematorium. Once a vessel for the remains is chosen, families can say their goodbyes with a peaceful ceremony that celebrates the life that has been lost.

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