Looking For Cheap Parking in Seattle? Here Are Tips for Finding One

Are you looking for cheap parking in Seattle? Well, you have just come to the right place! Finding a nice parking space in Seattle can be difficult. In fact, if you aren’t prepared, you might find yourself wasting time driving in circles as you try to locate a spot. Therefore, if you want to avoid parking nightmares, you can use the following tips and tricks:

Book Parking in Advance

Firstly, you should consider booking parking in advance through online parking platforms or apps. Since many people drive to Seattle City for various events, parking spaces are often in high demand. Fortunately, online parking platforms often have discounted parking fees. Also, the platforms allow users to compare prices, which can go as low as $8. The key secret is to book and reserve parking early before they get finished.

Park near EL Station

Parking downtown next to El public station can also enable you to save a lot on monthly parking. Unlike the city Centre, parking in the outskirt of town (next to the train station) is a bit cheaper and more affordable. Upon parking, you can take the train to your preferred destination.

Look For Garages with A $3 Symbol.

Orange garages with the sign $3 also do charge cheap parking fees in Seattle. If you are looking to spend a few hours, then you’ll be charged as low as 3 to 4 dollars per hour. However, if you are parking for longer periods in the neighborhood, you are likely to pay about 7 dollars. Using your map, you can check places market with P, which symbolizes parking.

If you are looking for cheap parking in Seattle, contact 7th & Pike Garage Parking.

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