Keep Your AIr Conditioner Operating Efficiently With Air Conditioning Repairs in Oahu

Living in a tropical paradise like Oahu isn’t always easy. Some days may be comfortable, but others can be downright hot. To combat problems with heat most home and business owners invest in some form of air conditioning. In many parts of the country this means an HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system. In Hawaii however, heat is rarely needed so an alternative like central air is used instead. For homes where the installation of a centralized air duct is difficult there is the alternative of the split or ductless A/C.

No matter which air conditioner you use it will need regular maintenance and occasional Air Conditioning Repairs Oahu. Maintenance typically involves cleaning the coils and fans, testing the refrigerant level and verifying the electronics. Each of these steps are critical to ensure your appliance operates efficiently. Efficient cooling means a more comfortable building at more affordable costs.

There are several things that can fail on an air conditioner. One of the most common is the condenser. This device compresses the refrigerant and moves it through the evaporator coil. The condensing causes the refrigerant to undergo a state change which allows the coolant to collect heat. It does this as it passes through the evaporator coil. In the process the coil becomes chilled so that air passed around it can cool a room or building. To release the collected heat the refrigerant will need to be pushed outdoors through another coil. This is handled by condensing more refrigerant and pushing it through the system. Visit the site for complete info.

Another place where an A/C may need repairs is the evaporator coil. This coil creates condensation as a result of the heat transfer and the cooler metal. This moisture can interact with accumulated dust and debris causing the coil to freeze. Frozen coils can result in ruptures, loss of refrigerant or even a damaged condenser. These types of problems are generally avoided by regular maintenance and cleaning. You can also protect your investment in cooling products with quick repairs. When you notice problems with your appliance it is time to contact a specialist. The problem will only get worse if you wait. If you are in need of Air Conditioning Repairs Oahu then it’s time to contact the experts at Air Source Air Conditioning.

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