Information You Should Know about Elementary Age Summer Camp in St. Augustine

Most parents are unsure about elementary age summer camp because they don’t exactly know what it means or who can participate. Elementary age means any child from first to fifth grade. If you have a child living in St. Augustine that is in any of those grades, they can attend summer camp at the elementary age level.


Each facility offers their own registration forms and rules. However, most facilities will require you to pick up a special packet that includes many forms to fill out and return. Before you are fully registered, you must pay the registration fee. Most facilities will also require immunization and physical forms to be returned with the packet.

If you do not pay the registration fee when returning the packet, your child will not be registered. Most facilities have limited space, so it is in your best interest to pay as soon as possible to have your child fully registered, so they don’t miss out on their summer camp.

Hours and Days

Most Summer Camps For Elementary Age Students in st. augustine  in st. augustine will be Monday through Friday and include a full day of activities. Many St. Augustine summer camps offer specific hours. For example, the facility may be open from seven a.m. to six p.m., meaning you can drop your children off anytime after seven in the morning and must be there to pick them up by six p.m. This gives most parents ample time to get to and from work and pick up their children.

Off Days

Because this isn’t considered school, there are usually no specific holidays off. However, religious facilities may cancel summer camp for the week of their Vacation Bible Schools, which all children are allowed to attend, as long as they register through the proper channels.


Each summer camp is different, but most will offer crafts, art, games and some educational games. They will also go on field trips and religious facilities may offer a Bible-based curriculum. You will likely get information in advance about specific field trips and other activities that will be away from the facility so that you may plan ahead and sign a permission form.


While the camp may be open five days per week, you can opt for three or two day choices, to save a little money. Most facilities require payment for each month at the beginning of the month.

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