Julie Laughton In Newport Beach

When searching for the perfect designer for your next remodel or construction project, Julie Laughton in Newport Beach has the experience and knowledge to help you create an inviting and functional space, every step of the way.

Having graduated from Iowa State University, Julie spent the first 7 years of her professional career in New York City, collaborating with the Top 5 Developers in Manhattan like Philip and Cheryl Milstein, Zeckendorf Development, J.I. Sphers Real Estate, Landau Development and Lefrak Properties to build many 40-story luxury high-rise condos.

In 1991, Julie moved to Laguna Beach California to become a Certified Custom kitchen and bath designer, and also get licensed as a General Contractor. With a focus on more residential type homes, Julie has a passion for the Art Deco Era. She quickly fell in love with California homes built in the early 1900’s because of their Spanish, Mediterranean, Craftsman, and California Bungalow style construction. With over 350 custom kitchen designs, and working on famous projects like the Georgian Hotel in Santa Monica, and the historical Friar’s Club in New York City, Julie has made a name for herself in the design industry from east coast to west. If you are looking for a world-class design on your next home or business project, you can trust Julie Laughton to help you design a room or space with an appearance that is purely stunning.

You will be impressed by Julie’s ability to draw the design before it is actually built. Her hands-on approach and intense attention to detail help take the stress off of your project to make it more enjoyable. Whether you are doing a full remodel, kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel, or new construction or addition, you will enjoy the process every step of the way by working with Julie Laughton Newport Beach.

Find out more about Julie Laughton at www.julielaughton.com.

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