Cooking A Delicious Pork Steak

When you’re tired of eating chicken and beef all the time, consider making a delicious pork chop. You could also go a little fancy and make a delicious pork steak Saint Louis style with all types of seasonings. To get the best flavors and a steak that is juicy and tender, there are a few tips that you can use.

Although baking your pork steak is an option, it’s better to cook your pork steak on top of the stove or on the grill. This will help to lock in the flavors from the marinade that is used as well as the dry seasonings that are used as well. This method also gives you more control over the length of time you cook your pork steak and the other ingredients that are added to the pan. When you’re making pork steak Saint Louis style, avoid using meat that you take right from the freezer or the refrigerator. Let it sit in a covered dish for about 30 minutes or an hour with the seasonings on the meat. Letting the meat get to room temperature will help to give you an even cook throughout the meat instead of the outside getting done before the inside of the steak.

Don’t forget to salt your meat. This important seasoning will help to lock in the other flavors that are used. You can also add a little flour to the exterior of your steak to keep it from sticking to the pan. Another option for using flour on the outside of your pork steak is to make a gravy with the meat in the pan once the meat is cooked. After one side is seared, flip the meat over, covering the pan with a lid to allow the other side to cook as well as the interior.

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