Jacksonville Homeowners Need Legal Advice When Considering A Cash Sale

Homeowners are reaching out to real estate investors. The reasons range from military moves to inheritances to divorce. What homeowners should know is that legal advice is necessary due to various laws and regulations regarding title transfers and such.

Contingencies And Disclosures

Each state has regulations regarding contingencies and disclosures for cash for home in Jacksonville, FL, sales the same as mortgage-based sales. Consult a real estate lawyer well versed in these inclusions in contracts.


In cash sales, inspections are usually paid for by the real estate investor. However, these can lead to further price negotiations. A real estate lawyer will guide the homeowner through necessary inspections for termites and septic tanks.

Taxes, Transfer Fees, And Closing Costs

There are time limits on reports and statements to various agencies regarding closing costs, taxes, and transfer fees. A real estate attorney will know how to compute and record all city, county, and state taxes, and record them. He’ll know how to pro-rate a home warranty, HOA fees, and hazard insurance. He’ll be able to generate a statement for the buyer as well as a HUD statement.

Generally, homeowners aren’t aware of the legalities involved in cash for home in Jacksonville, FL, or other types of home sales. The homeowner needs an expert well versed in doing it right. ALKO Investment LLC encourages homeowners selling their homes for cash to consult such an expert in order to avoid time-consuming mistakes that cost us both money and aggravation. Contact us at https://www.alkoinvestment.com/ to learn more.

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