Helping People Bail Out in Douglasville, GA Is Not the Same as Enabling Them

The American criminal justice system treats countless underserved populations unfairly and inhumanely. Getting arrested and going to trial can result in criminal charges that render finding employment, housing, and freedom next to impossible. This is one of the many reasons why helping jailed friends and family get bail bonds isn’t inherently considered an enabling behavior.

Jailed People Often Blindly Accept Plea Bargains

Even when people know they’re innocent, studies have shown that these Americans, given they’re unable to post bail, consistently choose plea bargains offered by prosecutors and avoid taking cases to trial. This, in no way, constitutes a system that serves justice. Rather, it disproportionately incarcerates poor people, while better-off persons who can afford bail and attorneys have more tools to fight charges. Further, they’re treated better by prosecutors, judges, and juries – so it’s unfair all the way around.

How Often Have They Requested Help Before?

At some point, people who regularly get arrested should take responsibility and be forced to face the proverbial music. While everyone deserves to get help with bail bonds in Douglasville, GA, at least once or twice, continued bad behavior that results in law enforcement intervention is excessive and doesn’t always warrant assistance. Another case would be repeat offenders who are jailed for something they truly didn’t commit; family members should help them. All of these situations do not constitute enabling behavior.

Can Loved Ones in Question Be Trusted?

People who have bad track records with assuming responsibility should be given less leeway in terms of whether loved ones should help them bond out of jail. The better the track record, the more deserving of help they are – generally speaking, at least.

This Bondsman Regularly Fights the Justice System

Free at Last Bail Bonds works with people trying to get their loved ones out of jail with bail bonds in Douglasville, GA, simultaneously fighting the American criminal justice system by advocating for fair treatment of underrepresented persons.

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