It’s That Time of Year Again! Get Your Horses Certified Before Competition

Whether you are taking your horses across state lines to competitions or fairs, you know you need to certify them every year for their health and well-being. An animal health certificate only covers one short year, and you have to have an updated animal health certificate in hand before you compete this year. There might be a few changes to the requirements to receive your certificate, so be sure to have your documentation on hand.

Do It Digitally to Get Your Certificate Faster

In order to get a health certificate digitally, you have to have your own vet perform a complete health check on each horse you want to take across state lines. It is best to do this one to two weeks prior to travel so that you have time to upload documents and get your certificate processed in time. It is also best for the animals because then you know that they were healthy right before you loaded up to leave.

Get a document from your vet attesting to the complete physical of each horse. Make sure it is on veterinary letterhead paper and is signed by hand by your vet. No rubber stamp signatures are allowed.

Apply to the Health Certificate Website

There are two ways to get your certificate. The aforementioned digital certificate is usually fastest, so long as your vet is able to do the physical on time. The second is to apply through the website and request an appointment with the agency conducting these checks and completing certifications. You should plan at least a month ahead if you do the latter.

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