Is Anything Too Dirty For Pressure Washing In Lewisburg, PA?

by | Jun 27, 2014 | Cleaning

Everyone in Lewisburg should know what dirty is (in all its many varied connotations). But what is pressure washing and when would you need it? What would you wash with it? How can you obtain it? And, what is it?

Basic Washing Uses Water & Is Improved With Soap

When our bodies or our clothes get dirty, we resort to soap and water to get them clean. We can use hot or cold water, natural soap or synthetic detergents and we can rub or scrub the “soapy” water onto our bodies or into our clothes. Alternatively, for our clothes, we can use a swirling type of motion within a basic washing machine.

For skin and fabrics, these methods usually produce an acceptable level of cleanness. In many cases, we can accept soap and water washing for our floors, sinks, automobiles and other things around our homes. However, in such cases, there may well be more dirt to remove than that from our skin and clothes. Hence the “muscle” power required to wash away all the dirt and grime can be somewhat excessive and the cleaning job becomes exhausting when carried out by hand.

Artificial Muscle Power

Maybe stronger soaps and detergents could lighten the load but they can also bring other problems. Therefore, it might be better to look at increasing the power input? A jet of water from a hosepipe connected to the domestic water supply can do a better job of removing dirt from (say) patio tiles than swabbing them down with a wet mop.

Under Pressure

The water in the hosepipe is under pressure and the escaping jet has velocity which can physically impact on the dirt so as to dislodge and move it. Step this up several orders of magnitude by passing the water through a pressure generating pump and the pressure of the emerging jet can even contain enough force to cut through metal. Not that you would want that much power under your trigger finger if all you planned was to wash your car!

Fortunately, for cleaning purposes, there are pumps that produce lower pressures. The pressure will still be considerably higher than that found in your domestic water pipes but it will not be so high as to risk damage to the material(s) that you wish to clean.

A basic pressure washer contains plumbing and a reservoir for the water supply, a motor to drive the pump and hoses ending in nozzles and a trigger to dispense and direct the pressurized water flow.

With the correct pressure, no surface need be too dirty to clean by pressure washing in Lewisburg, PA. Some of the equipment will also have the facility to mix soaps or detergents with the water in the jet.

If you have surfaces that need pressure washing in Lewisburg, PA and do not wish to invest in your own equipment, you should contact Baylor’s Pressure Washing. They have the men and equipment for just about any residential or commercial cleaning job.


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