Everything You Need to Know About Flu Vaccines in San Pedro

In San Pedro, getting an annual flu shot is an important part of your overall medical care. Influenza is a serious condition that kills many people in the United States each year–36,000 on average, according to the CDC. Luckily, this seasonal illness is preventable if you get up-to-date vaccines san pedro. Still, many people are wary of getting vaccinated because they’re uninformed. Here are the answers to some of the most common questions about influenza and the flu vaccine.

Who should get the flu vaccine?

The CDC currently recommends that every person over the age of 6 months get the flu vaccine. However, it’s especially important for children, senior citizens, pregnant women and people with weakened immune systems to stay up-to-date on their flu vaccines san pedro. These groups of people are especially susceptible to complications that can arise from the flu, like pneumonia and other bacterial infections.

How effective is the flu shot?

Despite what many people believe, the flu shot is only about 60% effective at preventing influenza. This is because the virus changes and mutates each flu season, making it difficult for medical science to develop a vaccine that’s 100% effective. That being said, if you do contract influenza after receiving a flu shot, the vaccine can help to prevent complications that could become deadly.

Will the flu shot make you sick?

No, it’s impossible for the vaccine to cause a person to develop influenza. This is because vaccines san pedro work by using a tiny dose of a dead virus. However, you may notice some pain or tenderness at the injection site after you receive your vaccine, and some people report feeling slightly under-the-weather for a few days.

Where can you get the flu vaccine?

These days, getting the flu shot is easier than ever. You can get the vaccine from your primary care physician or at your local hospital, or you can visit an urgent care facility in your area. One of the easiest ways to get your shot is by visiting your local pharmacy; many drug stores now offer quick and affordable flu vaccines san pedro.

Seasonal influenza can have serious consequences if you’re not vaccinated. Protect yourself by getting a flu shot each winter.


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