Is a Twelve-step Program Right for You?

With literally thousands of meetings held across the country each day, twelve-step programs are a common method by which recovering addicts hope to obtain the solutions and support they need to continue living a sober lifestyle. Well-known globally as a readily available option which is open to all and free to access, twelve-step programs enjoy a widespread reputation for helping people to remain drug and alcohol free, but how much benefit do they actually provide? Here are three reasons why a Malibu detox treatment center may be more appropriate for your needs.

Assistance With Physical Withdrawal

Alcoholics and those suffering from drug addictions almost invariably experience unpleasant symptoms when they stop using initially. Sometimes these can be so severe as to become life threatening, meaning expert medical treatment is required to prevent permanent physical injury. In these circumstances, having ready access to the skilled medical professionals which a Malibu detox center will have on hand is absolutely essential in order to minimize the risk of a major seizure or other serious health event.

Treating Underlying Conditions

A common feature of addiction is it masks a wide range of underlying problems. While initially the main emphasis will be on achieving a drug or alcohol free state, once this has taken place many individuals present with significant mental health issues or physical complaints which have remained untreated as the addiction has taken hold. Twelve step programs cannot provide the treatment needed for the other issues to be addressed, so can only ever form part of a successful approach.

Religious Issues

Adherence to a twelve step program involves the recognition there is “a body higher than ourselves.” This presents numerous ethical difficulties for atheists or those with beliefs which don’t conform to this idea. For this reason a significant number of people find that a twelve step program doesn’t tick their spiritual boxes and they find greater success in practicing the therapies and activities offered by detox centers in Malibu.

Although some individuals may find a twelve step program useful in helping them maintain an abstemious lifestyle, they certainly aren’t always the best option for addicts, particularly in the first few months following treatment at a detox center. To find out about other aftercare approaches which may be more effective, as well as a wide selection of therapies which are offered as part of a residential treatment, you can get in touch with the Serenity Malibu Rehab Center.

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