Interior Decorating Tips From A Furniture Installation Service In Long Island NY

Interior decorating is an art form, and at its best, interior design reflects the personality and taste of the homeowner in the most attractive way possible. Consequently, there are no rules set in stone for decorators. Anyone with a good eye and access to high-quality materials can achieve great results, but a little professional help never hurts. The following are just a few tips from a furniture installation service in Long Island, NY.

Make A Small Room Look Spacious

There are several tricks interior designers rely on to make small rooms look and feel bigger. One strategy is to use one or more well-placed mirrors to create an illusion of depth. Always consider what a mirror reflects from various angles to avoid displaying the kitchen garbage can or another less-than-inspiring view. Another tip is to use low furniture, particularly low-backed chairs, to make a room seem taller. Finally, a room in which light colors dominate will feel more spacious than a room with darker or more intense colors.

Hang Art At The Right Height

Framed paintings and photographs can add a lot to a room’s decor. The key, says decorators, is to keep the paintings at eye level. In a room with high ceilings, people often make the mistake of centering paintings vertically on the wall. Instead, try to place the midline of the painting between 55 and 60 inches above the floor, at the average person’s eye level. A painting or picture should be large enough to fill the space where it’s going to hang. Wide mats and large frames can help small works of art fill a big space.

Avoid Crowding A Room With Furniture

Often less really is more. Leaving some space around each piece of furniture makes it easy for people to move around the room without bumping into anything. Moreover, a little space lets each piece of furniture stand out and be appreciated. In general, less crowded rooms are easier to clean, and they convey a feeling of peace. A room crowded with furniture and decor can be overstimulating.

There are many more techniques the professionals use, but ultimately, homeowners should follow their own instincts and design rooms that suit their own tastes. To learn more about interior design products and furniture installation service in Long Island, NY, visit Interiors by J.C. Landa.

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