4 Tips to Prepare for Spa Services in Fairfax County, VA

It is not uncommon to experience some anxiety before a first-time spa visit. In fact, many people will opt to skip the spa experience entirely because they are unsure of what to expect, what to do or say, and even what to wear. The spa experience is intended to help people relax, so here are four easy tips to get prepared for Spa Services in Fairfax County VA.

The first tip to ensure a relaxing first spa experience is to arrive at least thirty to sixty minutes before the appointment. Many spas will have their new clients complete some paperwork about their medical history and personal preferences. This is also a great time to request a tour of the facilities to see what other services are offered and to get comfortable in the space.

The second tip is to use the bathroom before any of the services begin. It will be very difficult to fully relax and enjoy the services if the appointment is interrupted by a quick trip to the restroom.

The third tip is to not worry about what to wear. Many people will avoid Spa Services in Fairfax County VA because they are not sure what is appropriate to wear during the appointment. All spas will supply each client with a freshly laundered robe to wear during the spa experience. Some clients will go completely nude under the robe and others will elect to wear their undergarments. Just remember that each therapist is professionally trained to expose only the part of the body that is to be worked on and are very conscious about making their clients feel comfortable.

Finally, the fourth, and most important, tip to ensure a relaxing spa day are to communicate with the therapist. It is important for the therapist to know if there are any body parts that are bothersome and what other concerns their clients have. During the appointment, be sure to let the therapist know what is comfortable and what is not. Therapists like to know if something is not relaxing so they can fix it right away. At Tamjidi Skin Institute, therapists take a lot of pride in making sure each treatment is perfect for their client.

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