Injured in an Auto Accident? Hire a Personal Injury Attorney in Bessemer, AL

An auto accident can leave a person dazed and confused. If they sustained a concussion or whiplash because a negligent driver crashed into them, they are entitled to recover damages. Once they have received medical treatment, victims should contact a Personal Injury Attorney in Bessemer AL, to protect their rights. The negligent driver’s insurance company will be responsible for paying any damages.

Insurance company representatives often visit injured people in the hospital to convince them to accept settlements. Usually, these settlements are far less then they are entitled to. Once an injured person has hired a lawyer, all communication is funneled through the lawyer.

The lawyer will work with the injured person’s doctors to determine the cost of treating their injuries. If the doctors determine the patient will never fully recover, the settlement will have to compensate them for a lifetime of medical care. Damages can also compensate accident victims for lost wages. People who will never be able to return to full-time employment must be given replacement income. The insurance company often fights these kinds claims. They may argue that the person had a pre-existing condition that is causing a portion of the disability. Their doctors may determine the injury is not as severe as claimed by the patient, suggesting they can return to work.

A Personal Injury Attorney in Bessemer AL, has the resources to fight these claims. He can bring in medical experts to counter the insurance company’s doctors. The experts will look at the patient’s medical history before and after the accident. The lawyer will handle these arguments while the injured person focuses on recovery.

People may think they can’t afford this type of legal representation. The law understands this and allows lawyers to take these cases on a contingency basis. The lawyer only gets paid a percentage of any financial award they win for their client. This allows every person the chance to fight for a fair settlement. A person injured in a car crash can Visit Forstman & Cutchen LLP. They are one of the Bessemer law firms that take cases like this. There is no charge for the first appointment.

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