Great Ideas for Eco-friendly Spring Fundraisers

Parents and relatives come to expect a wide variety of choices being offered from school fundraisers. Spring fundraisers are ways that these organizations earn money to sponsor fun and educational end of the year projects for the students. One of the best ways to increase the amount of funds generated is to find products that are novel, in demand and make people feel good about buying them. Including eco-friendly reusable bags and products are a few great fundraising ideas.

The Value of Eco-friendly Products in School Fund Raisers

Most civic minded people can agree that by going eco-friendly or green, everyone is doing their part in preserving the health of the environment. In addition to feeling good about making this contribution, the products such as reusable bags are actually functional and more apt to be used instead of placed in a drawer or donated. Companies which offer catalogs with a variety of eco-friendly products that can be used together are more apt to generate an increased number of items selected on each order form.

Benefits of Fundraisers Featuring Green Products

When people feel good about the products that they purchase they are more likely to tell someone else about it and recommend the products to others. This helps out in a few different ways. Sales for the organization are increased and the schools have more fundraising money to work with in sponsoring the projects which will benefit the children the most. Word of mouth can help to generate even more sales as the children work to meet the goals of their schools. Teachers can use green-themed spring fundraisers in their curriculum to instruct children in the value of protecting the environment and the planet. It is also a good way to show how we can all make a difference when we work together to create a better place to live while simultaneously contributing towards helping the school community meet their goals.

Where to Find Eco-friendly Fundraising Opportunities

For opportunities to sponsor school fundraising projects which feature eco-friendly products there are a variety of different companies that offer incentives to using their catalog in your next fundraising campaign. The Mixed Bag Designs fundraiser service provides schools with opportunities for fundraisers to earn profits on the items sold to benefit their causes. This particular company provides two catalogs per year which has a great variety of eco-friendly products for sale. The items are updated with each catalog and provide customers with more great choices each time they shop with the company.

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