Information on the Best Drain Cleaning Tips

Sink drains are the most prone to clogging especially when proper care is not taken. Bathroom drains are also prone to periodic slow emptying or blockage due to soap scum, toothpaste, and hair among other substances. There are few best drain cleaning tips that will help you overcome the problem of drain blockage.

Although a good number of homeowners use chemicals to unblock drains, it is not a good option mostly due to the health hazard associated to it. While using basic household ingredients may not pose great health risk, the method is not effective enough. The following options can substitute the usage of toxic chemicals.

Powdered washing detergent

This is a good option especially if your drain is completely blocked. What you need to do is to measure a cup of powdered detergent and pour it into the blocked pipe. The powdered detergent will dissolve in water forming a solution with a PH of 11, which is a strong alkaline solution. This will eat away blocking materials and gradually clear the pipe. Note that if you have PVC pipes, you are advised not to overuse this solution as it damages the plastic.

Vinegar and Baking soda

When the two are mixed, they produce a fizzy effect that helps in dissolving stubborn clogs. Measure about one cup of baking powder and a cup of vinegar then pour both into the drain. Allow the mixture sometimes for a reaction to take place after which you will flush with water to clean the drain.

Chemical drain cleaners and enzymes cleaners

There exist four common types of cleaners in this class, and they are:

     *     Acids- These include hydrochloric and sulfuric acid.
     *    Caustics-These include lye and caustic soda.
     *    Enzymes- These include organisms that digest the clog in the drain.
     *    Oxidizers- A good example is sodium hypochlorite.

Most of these methods are pocket-friendly and effective than other mechanical methods of cleaning drains. Enzymatic drain cleaners take more time to show any effect as time is needed to allow enzymes to digest clogging materials. Chemicals are usually fast and effective. However, proper care is required when handling these chemicals because they can burn your skin or cause eye irritation.

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