Obtaining Wood for Heat From a Tree Cutting Service Arlington Has Available

When homeowners hire a Tree Cutting Service Arlington has available to prune trees, remove a large problem branch or cut down a tree, they might ask whether the service can haul the wood away. These companies usually are willing to do so for a reasonable extra charge. If the homeowner has a fireplace or wood stove, he probably will want to keep the wood for his own use. If not, he might consider asking neighbors if they would want it. With heating costs being so high in the 21st Century, many people are turning to wood heat for relief from exorbitant utility bills.

People who rely on wood for heat often have some of their own wood-cutting equipment. They may at least have a chainsaw and perhaps a wood splitter. They may buy wood from someone who owns rural land and do their own log splitting and cutting. Others who only use wood in a fireplace or simply do not want to bother cutting wood may buy cords of pre-cut logs. They can have the Tree Cutting Service Arlington technicians cut up the downed branches and trees right there on the lot for a reasonable fee. This is a convenient service that homeowners appreciate.

The property owner needs to allow the wood to dry before using it in a fireplace or wood stove, which usually takes at least six months. If the branch or entire tree was dead, however, the wood is already quite dry and can be used sooner. People are free to use newly-cut fresh wood in a fire pit or campfire, although it may take some time to start burning effectively and the fire may be smoky. Technicians from a company such as Greentree Arlington can let the customer know what condition the wood is in.

Virtually any kind of wood can be burned in a fireplace or woodstove, so the customer doesn’t need to consider the species too much. Softwoods such as pine and spruce burn faster than hardwoods such as oak and maple, however. Some people believe burning pine and spruce is inadvisable because of the high resin content. However, if the wood is thoroughly dry, it will burn very fast and not cause problems with the chimney. This makes it good for starting a fire and allowing the hardwood to burn more slowly once the fire is going. To know more click here.

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