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by | Feb 18, 2014 | Dental Health

For people who are missing their teeth, life can be very difficult. Your teeth are often a part of your body you do not think much about, until you no longer have them. People who have no teeth find eating almost impossible. This often leads them to be stuck with a bland diet of soft foods and liquids. There is no enjoyment in eating when you do not have teeth to chew with. Not only is there the issues with being able to eat properly, but you may also experience self-esteem problems. Many people find it very difficult to deal with social situations where they are required to talk and eat in front of others. This makes socializing very difficult for many. If you are suffering with having no teeth, dentures in Markesan, WI can change your life. These dentures can replace your missing teeth and give you back your ability to enjoy life again.

How Can You Get Dentures Through Your Dentist?

If you are interested in getting dentures, you will need to make an appointment with your dentist. He or she will need to perform a thorough examination on you and talk with you about your health. This will determine if you are a good candidate for getting dentures. It is important your gums are healthy because the dentures will be resting on your gum tissue as you wear them. Lesions and gum disease can prevent you from being able to safely wear these dental appliances.

If the dentist decides you are a good candidate for Dentures in Markesan, WI, he or she will make special impression molds of your gums. This will allow your dentures to be custom created, so they fit well in your mouth and do not slip around while you are talking and eating. The dentist will need to make sure your dentures fit comfortably and will assist you in taking care of them and caring for your gums if they become irritated or sore.

To learn more about dentures and how they can restore your smile, contact Silver Creek Dentistry and schedule an appointment for a consultation today.

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