Consulting A Wills And Trust Attorney In Jenison, MI To Create A Trust Fund

With a Wills and Trusts Attorney in Jenison, MI you begin making final decisions for your assets and properties. If you have minor children, you will address the subject of guardianship in the event that you die before they reach the age of adult. You will make provisions for each probability that may affect the lives of your children and family. With these provisions you may create a trust fund for your children for future college expenses or as a method of providing care for them if they are minors at the time that your will is administrated.

Trust Funds for Your Children

When you seek the advice of an estate planning attorney you can discuss concepts such as trust funds. You can create as many trust funds as you would like for your children and for varying purposes. For instance, you can choose to set up a different trust for college and expenses based on the needs of your child. You will contribute to these trust funds in the manner determined by you and your attorney.

Estate Planning Attorney

Martin Rogalski, P.C. provides you with assistance in creating a will and trust. He will guide you through each step to assure you that each item or term is properly listed within your will. This will addresses vital concepts including who will become the rightful owner of your property at the time of your death. It provides provisions such as financial support for minor children through a trust and entitle family members to the use of key properties such as a business you own. To begin producing your will or setting up a trust for your children today, contact this attorney at the local number listed on his website.


If you are ready to plan for the future you need to contact a wills and trusts attorney in Jenison MI . These attorneys present you with concepts that allow you to make provisions for your family and to address ownership of all property that you own at the time of your death. Through these services, you can create a trust fund for your children to allow them to attend college or begin their adult life with ease. You will address these concepts and more as you plan ahead for future life events.

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