Important Characteristics of a Wire Rope PA

Wire ropes are designed to function in very different applications. They are mainly used in construction, industrial manufacturing and transportation. Wire ropes can be used to perform simple tasks like cleaning debris in a construction site to harder operations such as moving vehicle parts in an automotive manufacturing company. The wire rope you choose should have the best combination of properties for the work you need done. Choosing the right wire rope and using it in the right way will also extend its service life. Browse website for more information.

Here are some general guidelines when choosing a wire rope in PA


You have to ensure that the wire rope can handle the maximum working load required for the job. You’ll have to check the maximum breaking strength of the wire rope. Factors that will determine how strong the wire rope should be include the number of ropes attached, the speed of operation and the length of the rope. For instance, a fast moving load will require a much stronger wire rope.

Ability to bend without distortion

Wire ropes are usually subjected to repeat bending over sheaves or drums and they should be designed to handle this without any distortion. Wire ropes with more outer wires are the best suited for applications that require repeated bending. Ask the expert regarding the wire rope in PA that is most suited to resist bending fatigue.

Crush Resistance

Always ensure the wire rope you purchase will provide the needed crush resistance. Most wire ropes with an IWRC (Independent Wire Rope Core) together with larger outer wires are able to provide crush resistance when used in a variety of applications.


Flexibility is also important when choosing a wire rope in PA. You should be able to use the same wire rope in multiple applications. Most wire ropes which come with a fiber core and smaller wires are able to provide unmatched flexibility.

Resist abrasive wear

Abrasion resistance is an important trait of high quality wire ropes. Since wire ropes are exposed to very extreme environments, they should be able to withstand wear and tear. Modern wire ropes are designed with the ability to resist abuse.

As much as choosing the right wire rope is important, installation, operation and maintenance of these items is highly recommended. By taking good care of your wire rope and ensuring it is installed properly, you can avoid common causes of rope failure like overloading.

The Bilco Group specializes in wire ropes designed to handle varying amount of working load, resist abrasive wear and offer the user high level of flexibility.

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