Don’t Let Pests Get Comfortable, Call An Ants Exterminator In NYC Before Things Get Out Of Hand

In most metropolitan areas, pests like mice, fleas and ants are a major problem. They move into buildings searching for food and shelter, and once established, are very difficult to get rid of. Because they get inside food and lay eggs, bite people in their sleep, and destroy clothes, they can make life very unpleasant. Here are some of the most annoying pests, and how to handle an infestation.

Get Rid Of Flies By Keeping Food Out Of Reach

Flies are everywhere, and seeing an occasional one here and there is not cause for too much alarm. However, when you see small groups in your home there are some precautions you should take. Keep the house, and especially the kitchen, very clean. Put leftover food away immediately, seal food containers tightly, and put everything else in the fridge. Sweep the floor frequently and take the garbage out every day. Flies go where they can most easily find food, so as long as there is nothing for them in your home, they will move on.

Keeping Ants Away May Require Professionals

Ants thrive in all parts of the world, and colonies are extremely difficult to kill. The trick is to make your home a bad food source. Seal off any small holes they may be coming in from, and keep your windows shut tight. Ants hate the smell of cloves and chili peppers, so leave these around areas you are seeing ants. If these measures fail to remove the infestation, you will need a professional Ants Exterminator in NYC to come to your home and destroy them.

Secure Waste To Deter Rodents

The two most common varieties are rats and mice. While they look similar, rats are larger and more aggressive. Their favorite food source is your garbage, but they will also find their way into cabinets and feast there. Mice particularly like getting into cereal boxes. To prevent an infestation, keep all garbage inside metal or hard plastic containers, and keep all food well sealed. Getting a cat is another excellent ways to keep mice and rats away.

When facing a pest invasion, it is best not to take it lightly. If given a chance to gain a foothold, pests can quickly establish themselves and become very difficult to get rid of. Contact an ants exterminator in NYC, such as Metro Pest Control, early on to make sure things don’t get out of control.

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