Implants and Your Local Family Dentist in New City NY

A Family Dentist in New City NY can assist you with every dental problem you may have. However, it is best you consult your dental professional before making a decision on a certain procedure. Many times the dentist will give you several options to choose from, according to your issue. But, then there are instances where only one procedure can be used. When it comes to replacing a tooth or several teeth, implantation is usually the first choice.

What are the benefits of an implant over a bridge?

This is not the same thing: the implant serves as the root, and the bridge is a prosthesis. However, putting a crown on an implant may be a huge advantage compared to placing a bridge on natural teeth. With a bridge, the Family Dentist in New City NY is often forced to devitalize the two adjacent teeth of the missing tooth. With implants, the mutilation of two healthy teeth is avoided.

Is filling the sinus cavity risky?

When the amount of bone is insufficient, the practitioner may considering a sinus filling, along with a bone graft. The first thing a dentist thinks about is using alternative materials to ensure the best outcome. In 1% of cases, there is a risk of local infection. The risk of tearing the sinus membrane is not zero either. Alternatively, dentists may perform a bone graft to lower the risk of rejection in the jaw, which can be done in the dental office, and requires hospitalization and general anesthesia.

Interventions decided too quickly

In rare cases, there may be a risk of injury to a nerve or artery that can cause bleeding. You should be aware of the risks as well as other treatment options (removable prosthesis, for example). Your Family Dentist in New City NY will advise extreme caution vis-à-vis these major surgeries. Do not hesitate to ask for advice from your ENT and regular physician as well.

Are failures frequent?

The failure rate is low: 2% to 5%. The loss of an implant is generally due to poor integration into the bone, which can have several causes: a local infection developed, the bone was overheated when drilling occurred or the implant overloaded because the prosthesis was not ideal. Dentists can then remove the implant, clean the bone site and perform the procedure again after three months. For more information, contact your local Family Dentist in New City NY today.

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