Helpful Information From Ladder Injury Attorneys in Queens, NY

Industrial accidents occur every day in the workplace, but some accidents are more likely to happen than others. This article will focus on accidents that occur with ladders or scaffolds. Sometimes, these accidents occur because of the individual’s own negligence, but oftentimes, the accident occurs because of unsafe working conditions or the unsafe behaviors of others.

In 2011, it was reported that 113 individuals died as a result of falling from a ladder. Many others were injured in ladder accidents. In such cases as these, a personal injury lawsuit is likely to result. A Ladder Injury Attorneys Queens, New York, has been taking on such cases successfully for a period of time. Looking at the following information will reveal you might need a Ladder Injury Attorneys Queens, New York.

Ladder and scaffold accidents occur most frequently in the construction industry because that industry depends upon the use of such equipment in the day-to-day work. For that reason, the New York’s Scaffold Law, the labor portion of the law, holds specific requirements for all building contractors, owners and others in the construction industry. They must provide their workers with the proper personal protective equipment, scaffolding and other safety gear when working at specific levels above the ground. In many instances, the scaffold has not been properly secured or assembled.

In the cases of accidents, falls, and injuries sustained due to a scaffolding collapse or some other unsafe condition, the New York Scaffold Law stipulates workers are covered. Their medical expenses, issues with pain and suffering, and other endured ailments related, are all covered under the Labor Law Section 240 of the New York Scaffold Law. Those accidents which occur must be properly investigated for root causes and extenuating circumstances. Such investigation will reveal if the given incident leads to the injured worker being covered and what monetary compensations, if any, shall be awarded.

The Law Firm of Joseph J. Perrini III will step in and bring clarity to cases when it is unclear if the proper handling of an injured worker’s claim will result. The firm has been representing clients on personal injury cases, including falls from ladders and scaffolds, for many years. For Ladder Injury Attorneys Queens, you can call the firm for consultation about a case or visit their website.

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