Hurt by a Falling Tree? Personal Injury Lawyers in Yelm, WA Can Help

Injured people are entitled to damages whenever they are hurt, because someone wasn’t doing their job properly. This is called negligence. The damages are based upon the extent of the injury, the wages lost, emotional trauma, and pain and suffering. Even if the injury was unintended, the injured person is still entitled to damages. They will probably have to hire one of the Personal Injury Lawyers Yelm WA to help them.

That’s because the claim will be filed with an insurance company. This type of business makes more money when they pay out smaller claims. Therefore, they work to invalidate every claim they can. A person who was hit by a falling tree that an arborist was taking down on a neighbor’s property should speak with a Personal Injury Lawyers Yelm WA to determine if they qualify for a personal injury lawsuit. Most lawyers don’t charge for the initial review.

Once it’s been verified that the person has an injury, they need to determine who was negligent. If the homeowner hired an arborist that didn’t have a valid license, they both might be. If the rigging failed, the company that made the rigging might also be required to pay damages. This is something that ultimately a jury may end up deciding. It will take one of the Professional Personal Injury Lawyers Yelm WA from Putnam Lieb Attorneys at Law to present the case to the judge and jury.

The amount of the damages will depend upon the severity of the injury. If the crashing tree paralyzed the person, then they may not be able to work for the rest of their life. That’s certainly traumatic and involves a lot of pain and suffering for decades. A case like this can take hundreds of hours to prepare. The insurance company may make an offer that is quite small when compared to the injury. The injured person’s Personal Injury Lawyers Yelm WA will know how to evaluate a good offer from a low one.

The settlement should ensure that the injured person has enough money to live well and not worry about paying expenses for the rest of their life. Sometimes insurance companies will settle out of court when they face a well-documented claim.

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