How to Obtain a CDL License in Chicago

Truck driving school is where all potential truck drivers who need to get a commercial driver’s license (CDL) go to learn the Department of Transportation’s (DOT) standards and procedures. Graduating from truck driving school often results in the obtainment of a CDL license, which can qualify drivers for higher paying jobs hauling freight, heavy materials or equipment. Star Truck Driving School trains potential drivers and can help them obtain a CDL License in Chicago. Reputable truck driving schools should be able to account for graduation rates, certification rates, and successful hiring rates.


The main purpose of pursuing a CDL License in Chicago is to become eligible for professional commercial truck driving opportunities. Attending a truck driving school gives candidates practice and instruction on how to safely operate large semi trucks and other trucks considered to be of commercial grade. Students also learn the regulations and rules they will need to follow as truck drivers, such as limiting the amount of continuous driving within one day to no more than fourteen hours.

Choosing a School

If someone decides he or she would like to pursue a truck driving career, selecting a school might be a confusing process. It can be difficult to distinguish which school might be the better choice over others, or there may be limited options within one’s geographical area. Gather information on how many students have attended the school versus how many enrolled students graduated and went on to secure professional positions. Look for industry ratings and certifications indicating a higher level of quality. See if a tour of the school is possible and talk to current or former students.

Pursuing a CDL is a large undertaking, as it can qualify a person for an entirely different career and higher-paying truck driving jobs. Attending a truck driving school is a mandatory step in obtaining a CDL, since the DOT oversees the rules, regulations and standards all commercial truck drivers must know and adhere to. Instructors at a truck driving school should have both theoretical and practical knowledge. A high-quality school will have a higher percentage of successful graduates, as this shows the graduates obtained the knowledge and practice they needed to pass the CDL exam and apply those skills in the field.

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