About High-Quality Large Format Printing in Queens, NY

Whatever your printing requirements are, working with a professional printing company ensures that the final product is of the highest quality. Printing companies also have far greater capabilities and allow you to choose from a massive range of formats.

For example, large format printing requires special equipment that only professional printing companies typically possess but this equipment gives you some incredible flexibility when it comes to printing.

From wall decals to vinyl banners, your options are extremely extensive. Large format printing allows you to be more creative or intricate in your designs and potentially take advantage of more sophisticated printing processes.

What Is Considered Large Format?

More or less, anything that is too large or intricate for a conventional printer would be considered large format. Large format printing in Queens, NY is typically between 18” and 100” but exact dimensions will depend on both the company and the equipment being used.

For Printing Express, large format print jobs may include vinyl and mesh banners, presentation boards, vehicle decals and magnets, yard signs, and wall decals, among a world of other things. If you are unsure of whether or not your printing requirements are possible, simply inquire with your printing professionals about your needs.

Why Choose Large Format?

Large format printing brings a ton of potential to your advertising needs but can also enhance virtually anything that you need to be printed. The large format could mean more people being able to see your poster or sign from afar but the equipment also allows you to be more creative in your designs.

The space restrictions of small printing projects force you to be more conservative in your designs, which may ultimately hurt the outcome, depend on your purpose, so considering large format could be beneficial in more ways than one.

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